The pandemic has made commuting to work obsolete for most traditional office jobs. Since the beginning of various lockdowns, it has exposed us all to the term teleworking. If you have stumbled across this article from our team at Southeastern Telecommunication Services, you are probably wondering what teleworking is and how it can benefit you or your company.

Teleworking is the word used to describe working from home and using information and communication technologies. Some of those technologies include email, telephones, and video communication. Now, let us jump into some of the many benefits of teleworking.

Immediately Reduce Company Expenses

Company owners will love this one. When you have your employees work from home, it reduces and eliminates the need for an office space, which means no monthly rent.

Teleworking provides Flexible Hours and Work-Life Balance

Teleworking allows for flexible work hours. You can set hours that best suit you and your employer’s needs. Say so long to the traditional nine to five.

This also helps create a harmonious work-life balance. You will be able to spend time with your family, get household tasks done, and accomplish all of your work.

Reducing Harm to the Environment

Commuting to and from work every day can produce a harmful carbon footprint. Teleworking has been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Having an environmentally friendly business is appealing to the masses.


With teleworking also comes inclusivity. There are millions of disabled individuals in America alone who have just the skills you are looking for. Teleworking allows these individuals to take on jobs where they may otherwise not be able to if they had to commute.

Teleworking Reduces Absence

The common cold or flu can be inevitable, and with that comes absences. You can significantly reduce the number of absences in your company by telecommuting. Being able to work from the comfort of home allows you to adjust your schedule to one more suitable depending on how you are feeling.

Admittedly, teleworking can have its downsides, including keeping track of hours worked, isolation, and maintaining communication with employees. But it is clear that teleworking has more pros than cons, and with the current state of the world, it is the answer to many of our work concerns.

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