Every small business needs a reliable phone system. You have email, live chat, and messaging, but different scenarios can happen where a reliable phone system helps. Still, investing in phone systems is expensive if you have a small enterprise. This is where the VoIP (voice over internet protocol) saves the day.

How Does VoIP Work?

The technology transmits your phone calls over an internet connection as data instead of using a phone line. The best part is that it does not rely on a phone’s constant connection. Instead, what it does is break the phone call into digital packages to use with your internet connection to find the cheapest route possible.

When it reaches its destination, it decodes the digital signal into voice to communicate. You can save loads of data. Moreover, it does not need a dedicated connection and multiple conversations can use the same pathway as in a meeting. Still, you have plenty of advantages:

Lower costs – the costs compared to landlines are cheaper as VoIP uses the existing broadband internet connection. Hence, you don’t need to pay additional fees for having a phone line and it requires no wiring to use the system. Installing the system is easier as you already have an internet connection. In addition, making long-distance calls is cheaper than using copper or fiber wire from landline providers.

Mobility – you can answer your calls from anywhere using your internet connection, making it ideal for remote work. The best part is that your smartphone can become your desk phone with the mobile app.

Versatility – using a landline provides you with one option to make and receive calls. Using VoIP does more as you can move around with your phone and use it hands-free with your wireless headset. In addition, the system can also transmit data and not only voice. You can use it for video meetings, text messages, and receive faxes.

Disadvantages of VoIP

Slow Internet Connection – you need a fast, reliable internet connection for it to work well. If you live in remote areas with a poor internet connection, a traditional system works better.

No Power – landlines need no electricity even when the power is out. The same does not apply with VoIP when there is a power outage. If you do not have internet, you will have no VoIP.


VoIP is a cost-effective solution for small businesses compared to using landlines, the positives out way the negatives when it comes to using VoIP. Therefore, if you do want to have a VoIP system installed, you need a reliable IT partner like Southeastern Telecommunication Services. You can get a business-grade communication to save you thousands on your phone bill with reliable IT.