Building security is a concern for all business owners no matter how large or small. You want to be sure that your employees work in a safe environment and that you have the appropriate amount of security for your needs.

ID Badges

ID badges are pretty common these days but failing to enforce them can be a major problem. This includes upper management or executives breaking the rules. They should be setting the standards and their example will reinforce the importance of badges and access points.

Keep Work In House

It can be very tempting to allow an outside company to design and implement a stock program. Often programmers think they understand what your company’s needs are but they are not always correct. Poll your employees to see if they have ideas about vulnerabilities and where security should be posted. Insist on a beta test before you write the check for the final payment.

Secure All Entrances

Be sure that all entrances are secured. That includes emergency doors. If necessary install alarms and cameras. Decide how many doors you actually need. The fewer doors the less chance of an intruder. However, don’t scrimp on safety in terms of emergency evacuation needs. Be sure you are covered. In the same light, understand which internal doors need security and which don’t. If you have rooms that are dedicated to computer operations, sensitive records including contracts, or expensive equipment or items, these doors need limited access or other appropriate security measures.

Security Training

Employees should be trained in security measures. That includes avoiding someone piggybacking into the building. Security personnel should be comfortable with all the security systems and equipment. If your first line of defense is a receptionist, make sure that he or she is able to quickly summon help if something untoward happens. Ex-spouses and disgruntled employees need to be stopped as soon as possible to avoid problems.


Keep in mind the balance between the need for security and the ability to operate your business efficiently and successfully. If there are too many security precautions or they are too cumbersome, you will find frustrated staff and less work product.

Choosing the correct security design company for your needs is essential. They should be able to adapt to your environment and adjust their standard programs for the best possible coverage while allowing your company to function well. Contact us for our input and suggestions.