Should My Business Get A Dedicated Fiber Connection?

Southeastern Telecommunication Services can provide many reasons why your business should get a dedicated fiber connection. Fiber-optic internet offers loads of benefits for companies and landlords alike. While it is a newer technology than broadband internet using copper cable, many businesses have received higher returns on their investment with fiber.

Benefits of Fiber Connectivity

Using fiber-optic connectivity offers an excellent advantage for businesses of all sizes, especially those that use apps, data storage, or the Cloud. Coupled with VoIP, it offers a powerful combination for communication. These benefits include:


Compared to the high-speed copper internet connections, fiber-optic internet is many times faster. You get different options available from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps. Even during high demands when people access the internet, you notice no slowing down in the internet.

You Get Cloud Access

The Cloud is one of the most exceptional business tools available that hosts more than 95% of different organizations using it. With fiber internet, it provides faster access for data to be stored in the Cloud. Your business will benefit from it, as there are fewer delays to access your cloud-hosting data using your SaaS tools.

Fiber Connection is Reliable with Outstanding Signal Strength

Compared to copper internet connectivity, fiber is more reliable and more robust. Fiber is not affected by weather conditions that damage data transmission using copper cabling. Furthermore, it is resistant to electrical and human interference unless physically cut. When you have an unreliable internet connection, it affects the costs of your business.

Even when using DSL or Ethernet broadband compare to copper, the signal degrades. This does not happen with fiber-optic internet, as it does not degrade so fast over a distance. Large spaces can benefit from using fiber as it provides a better signal strength throughout buildings.

You Get the Best Security

Hacking your business cable network is relatively easy as they tap into the cable or use other mythologies. The only way to hack a fiber-optic network is by cutting the fiber, causing signal loss.

So What Do You Think

As you can see, investing in a fiber-optic connection has loads of benefits, and it saves you costs. With fast internet, you have speed issues and provide productivity in your business. This prevents your business from losing thousands a year because of a slow internet connection. Contact Southeastern Telecommunication Services to help your organization with a dedicated fiber connection today.