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Southeastern Telecommunication Services has partnered with industry leaders in digital video recording systems and software, cameras, alarms and entry & access control systems. Know who is entering at what time and when they leave backed by video images in either stills or full motion video in full colour ‘water marked’ for authenticity. Save money on keys and lock changes with the use of programmable fobs or entry cards that can be programmed for time of day, week, month, year or cancelled with the “delete key” on your PC on a moments notice. The security systems can integrate to operate as one or be deployed individually and integrated in the future as your organizations needs evolve.



CCTV Systems are affordable and offer many benefits for business. Today’s systems monitor cash registers, parking lots, entrance doors and your inventory. Camera technology allows day/night viewing of events and uses motion detection or alarm points to trigger remote notification to your computer or smartphone.

Access Control Systems

Access Control solutions are accomplished by installing one of our stand-alone, single-door, multi-door or multi-site Access Control Systems. Imagine the simplicity of unlocking a door with the presentation of a card or fob, or dis-arming your security system and turning on the lights. Manage all entry points on one software platform.

Intrusion Detection

Sentry-360-DomeSoutheastern Telecommunication Services will design and install a Life Safety and/or Property Protection System that meets your needs today and for years to come. Our 30-plus years of experience ensures the latest technology and installation techniques will be used in your system. The design will allow monitoring of any Critical Event inclusive of burglary, environmental, heat, fire, flow control, limit switches, industrial processing, open/close, sump pump or water level. If it causes an alarm, we can monitor the event and notify you via Telephone, Cell phone, Email, or text messaging. In mission critical situations, we can use multiple notification technologies to ensure you receive your Critical Event.

Critical Event Monitoring

Our Life Safety and Property Protection systems use advanced communicators to transmit your Critical Event using Cellular Radio Networks, IP Communicators, VOIP and plain old telephone lines to a 24 hour ULC Central Station using the latest Alarm Automation Software that will alert you via Email, Text Messaging or by landline.

Our Partners

  • Mitel
  • NEC Corporation
  • AVST-03