Businesses and Organizations are vulnerable to both internal and external threats. With an Access Control System, you control who can enter your facilities. Reduce the possibility of internal and external threats and protect your physical and intellectual property with an Access Control System from Southeastern Telecommunication Services.

The installation of an Access Control System begins by installing one of Southeastern’s stand-alone, single-door, multi-door, or multi-site Access Control Systems via an on-premise, or cloud-based software platform.

Imagine the simplicity of unlocking a door with the presentation of a card or fob or disarming your security system and turning on the lights. Manage all entry points on one software platform.

On Premise: The software platform is hosted on servers located on-premise

Cloud Based: With a Cloud Based Access Control System, remotely manage processes such as adding or revoking user access without the need for investment into local servers and hardware.

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Access Control Systems by Southeastern Telecommunications

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