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Southeastern Telecommunications

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The section below contains some Frequently Asked Questions in order to answer any questions you may have. If you have a question that isn’t answered in the section below, please contact us directly and we’d be happy to assist you!

What Kind of Hardware can you Provide?2020-08-13T18:51:38+00:00

Copper Systems

Southeastern offer’s Leviton’s high-performance copper solutions, including eXtreme® 6A, eXtreme 6+, GigaMax® 5e, and many more options designed to deliver the best category-rated performance in the industry.

Fibre Optic Solutions for Enterprise, Service Provider, and Data Center Applications

Southeastern provides Leviton’s wide selection of passive fiber optic solutions for every network, from data center infrastructure to building backbones and long-distance networks.

Enclosures and cable assemblies are available in all fiber types, including single-mode (OS1/OS2) and laser optimized multimode (OM3/OM4). Choose pre-terminated fiber enclosures, MTP® modules, and assemblies for rapid deployment in critical environments.

How can I tell if my cabling is installed properly?2020-08-13T18:53:33+00:00

A properly installed system will adhere to cable placement regulations and be clearly labelled and tested prior to a completed installation. Cables should avoid running over lights, or too close to power outlets, and installed without bends or kinks to prevent future problems.

What are the benefits to a professionally installed system?2020-08-13T18:55:58+00:00

– Increased reliability and easier to troubleshoot.
– Proper labelling allows for future expansion, changes and flexibility.
– Easier to upgrade to take advantage of technology advances.
– Qualified Technicians certify and test every outlet to ensure they are ready for use.
– Certified installations typically include a 25-year warranty, a major requirement for all government and financial institutions.
– Southeastern’s cabling installations come with the options of extended warranty and maintenance agreements.

Why is my network slow and lose connection to the internet?2020-08-13T19:02:00+00:00

Slow network speeds and inconsistent internet connections can be the result of a loose connection or incorrectly installed cabling. Many of our customers elect to retrofit existing cabling, or upgrade to reduce/eliminate these issues.

What are Southeastern’s Hours of Operation?2022-01-25T14:08:53+00:00

Our office is open during regular business hours between 8:00am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday (Excluding Holidays)
After hours support is available by calling our office and following the prompts to our 24/7 support line.

How do I place a service call?2020-08-13T19:09:34+00:00

Fill out a (non emergency) service request online using our online form.
For Emergency Calls, please call us. After business hours, please follow the prompts for our 24/7 support line and a technician will respond.
Contact us at (613) 544-6701 or 1-800-267-0931 or via e-mail at

Southeastern Telecommunications

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