Reasons to Switch to VoIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol is more commonly called VoIP. It is simply a phone service that comes through the internet. It converts a human voice into a digital signal so that the user can call someone directly from a computer, a special VoIP telephone, or some other device. It is a versatile service that can be used for standard phone calls, video calls, messaging, and file sharing. Many companies are considering its use and wonder if it is a good idea. Here are some positive reasons to switch to VoIP.

Most business owners first look at cost and savings. This is where VoIP is significant. Traditional phone systems are expensive and highly regulated. VoIP is costs are much lower. When coupled with cloud storage, IT support is absorbed by the cloud provider. That means fewer technical staff to pay and hire.

There is a lot of value to a VoIP system. There are almost no long-distance charges. All of the additional services of voicemail, conferencing, video chats, and more are included in the VoIP system. That means you are getting much more service for the monthly fees.

The events of 2020 have shown us the need to be able to adapt to circumstances on the fly. With a VoIP business calls can be conducted anywhere there is a broadband connection. That means your operation continues from homes, vehicles, cafes, or the office. This avoids costly downtime and allows employees to be productive.

The flexibility of service means that staff members can remain at a workstation through a single business number and with their headphones they can send and receive voicemails, emails, and even have the ability to have calls ring on multiple devices simultaneously.

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