Is Remote Work Here to Stay?

COVID-19 has changed how we worked in 2020. But how will it affect us in the future, and is remote work here to stay? Or will be people return to their company headquarters? If so, will it be full time or will office businesses adopt remote work policies? All of these questions are on everybody’s minds. The fact is that many things have changed. Our team at Southeastern Telecommunication Services will go over some of these top questions below.

Are Headquarters Finished?

Many companies are cutting their office space and moving to new HQ models comprising of a micro HQ and hub & spoke. This allows workers to work from their homes or anywhere from two to four days per week. This, in turn, leaves people visiting the office one to two days if needed. Some even take it a step further and want to get rid of their commercial office space to become a remote organization.

What are The Benefits of Remote Working?

One thing is sure that remote-first organizations will allow their business access to a broader talent pool. Instead of hiring the best person in the office’s vicinity, they can hire someone anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it allows to cut costs as supporting remote workers is less than paying for office space.

What are Workers Saying about Remote Work?

When it comes to remote working from home, workers are more than pleased as it offers the flexibility to provide quality work. They do not need to commute to work and sit in an office for hours. This leads to quality of life as well. This leads to employees leaving the expensive office spaces and cities to move closer to families.

Is Your Business Planning on Going Remote?

If you are planning to do remote work, there are some things to consider. You need the best communication to be productive available with Southeastern Telecommunication Services. Contact us today to help set up your remote work for you. We provide from voice solutions, structured cabling, and security to service and repairs. As you can see, remote work is here to stay even after the pandemic has passed.