Hi Kathy,

I am not sure why I feel the need to send this at this time, but I really wanted you to know that Tye and Jason came through for us today. We had a very important issue that required us to call on your staff for a quick response. It involved accessing information that was simple enough for Tye to recover, but involved files that we would not have access to. Jason ensured that we could get that information this morning in time for us to take a very serious, and legally challenging, course of action. Even after a little blip in the production, we still had what we needed in plenty of time, thanks to Tye’s abilities and responsiveness.

This response and level of service underscores why we enjoy our business relationship with Southeastern. It is the level of customer service that we have come to know and appreciate from your company.

Best regards,


Tony Button, BA, MIR
Director, Corporate Services

KFL&A Public Health
221 Portsmouth Avenue
Kingston, ON K7M 1V5
613-549-1232, ext. 1265
Fax: 613-549-7896

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